2017 Program of Work

A healthy business community fosters growth throughout the greater Muskogee region. The Chamber focuses its energy and resources in these key areas.

The Chamber plans, budgets, coordinates and monitors these programs that are critical to creating a healthy business climate in Muskogee.

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Agri-Business Committee

Dedicated to promoting and supporting local businesses associated with this industry, including the Farmers’ Market. They also support the annual Muskogee Regional Junior Livestock Show, which gives 4-H and FFA students the opportunity to exhibit their livestock animals.


My Muskogee Christmas

This program promotes all of the events that are going on in Muskogee. It encourages local shopping and attending local events with incentives to win cash and prizes!
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Military Affairs Committee

The purpose of this committee is to build relationships between the community and Camp Gruber. Camp Gruber has millions of dollars in construction
underway and more planned. The task force realizes that communication is the key to continued growth and support for Camp Gruber and that Gruber has
a large economic impact on the surrounding communities, especially Muskogee and Davis Field.


Local Business & Industry Appreciation

Co-sponsor with The Port of Muskogee and Indian Capital Technology Center an annual awards banquet to recognize local industry accomplishments.


Shop Muskogee

Enhance the promotional campaign to market Muskogee shopping opportunities to outlying areas.


Chamber University

Quarterly workshops designed to help members provide affordable education to their employees on topics that are important in business today. Subjects range from how to build business relationships and customer service to keeping up with today’s technology.

Annual Dues Structure

The Greater Muskogee Area Chamber of Commerce tries to keep your business in mind when asking you to pay annual dues to be a member.  We offer a variety of different rates based on the business type and size, as well as many options for payment.

In late 2016 we began a transition from “anniversary date” renewals, meaning a member would pay every year during the month they originally joined; to an Annual Dues Structure.  With our Annual Dues Structure all of our members will eventually have renewal dates in January of each year.   New members joining the Chamber will receive a pro-rated amount for the remainder of the year in which they join with their next dues payment date being the following January.

Click here to see our 2017 Dues Investment Structure and a Membership Application.

Business Resources

We want to help you be successful in starting a business here in Muskogee!  Our Chamber can provide guidance on how to get started in your journey to becoming a business owner.  Use our “road map” to help you get started, to navigate obtaining the required permits and documentation, and to provide lists of contacts and resources that will be helpful to you to make forward progress.Click on any of the Road Map Stops below to get more information and help with each.  We recommend you follow the Road Map in the order we have provided but some adjustments can be made to your trip to accommodate where you are in the start-up process.

Road Map Stop #1-Create a Business Plan
Road Map Stop #2-Choose a Location
Road Map Stop #3-Establish a Business Structure
Road Map Stop #4-Register with the State of Oklahoma
Road Map Stop #5-Secure Financing
Road Map Stop #6-Register with Tax Entities
Road Map Stop #7-Obtain Professional & Occupational Licenses
Road Map Stop #8-Understand & Implement City of Muskogee Processes and Permits

Resources List

Need or want additional educational opportunities or advice?  Consider attending the monthly Muskogee Small Business Forum series.  The Small Business Forum Series is a partnership between the Muskogee Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Muskogee.  The sessions will be provided free of charge to any one who wishes to attend.  Topics each month include important issues for business including topics such as “Over the Top Customer Service”, “Building Your Network”, “Maximizing Social Media,” and much more.  Check back for dates, times and location of these monthly Forums.

Please contact Kevin Igert at the Chamber, 918.682.2401 or via email at kevin@muskgoeechamber.org if we can help you.

The Greater Muskogee Area Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Muskogee recently teamed up to host a workshop for business owners and members of the community to learn more about the new tax accounting and reform issues. We know schedules are busy, so just in case you missed the workshop, below you will find the power point information provided by Polston Tax Resolution & Accounting.

Click Here to see the presentation.


Looking for certain products or services? Search our Member Directory to find members offering just what you’re looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q.    What is the Chamber of Commerce?
A.     The Greater Muskogee Area Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, 501(c)6 organization dedicated to helping grow commerce and support businesses in the Muskogee area.   Every business has different needs so we work to listen to our Members to know how we can help and have the most impact for their success. The mission of GMACC is to Serve as a voice and resource for business, Foster partnerships and community prosperity, and Cultivate economic. GMACC currently has nearly 500 active members ranging from a one-person shop to manufacturing plants with 1,000+ employees.  We have an efficient, talented, and customer service oriented staff, and a strong and influential board of directors.
Greater Muskogee Area Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement
2023 Annual Report
2024 Program of Work


Q.     How do I find out if a business is a Chamber Member?
A.     A complete list of businesses who are members of our Chamber, click here.  You may also call us anytime for a referral to one of our partner businesses.


Q.     I am considering relocating to the area.  Do you have any relocation information?
A.     Yes, we are happy to provide you with a complete Relocation packet.  You may call our office at 918.682.2401 to request the packet and speak to someone about specific interests or needs.

Relocation Guide

  Membership Questions

Q.    How much does membership to the Muskogee Chamber cost per year?
A.    Our membership rates vary based on the number of employees and the type of business you have.  We also have rates for individual members and small businesses.  For details on rates and how to join the Chamber, contact our office or complete a Membership Application.


Q.    Why should I be a member of the Chamber of Commerce?
A.     Chamber membership offers a wide variety of benefits and resources that can enhance your business.  To see Chamber Benefits and Features click here.


Q.     How do I update my company’s directory listing?
A.    You may login to your member account to update information, pay an invoice or view additional information exclusive to Chamber members.  Click here to go to the Member Login page.


Q.    If my employer is a member of the Chamber, does that make me a member?
A.    Yes!  If your employer has joined the Chamber they are providing all of their employees with access to, and benefits of, the Chamber.  The business is always listed as the member and you may need to contact the person who oversees Chamber of Commerce relations with your company to be able to access some information.  Individuals may also join the Chamber.  Click here for more information on  joining the Chamber.


Q.    How can my company be included in the Business Spotlight of the Month?
A.    Our Member Spotlight is chosen by random drawing every month.  All Chamber Members in good standing are eligible to be drawn.


Q.     How do I pay my annual Membership Dues online?
A.     Visit the Member Login page and login into your account to pay your dues.


Q.     How can my company sponsor a specific event or program hosted by the Chamber?
A.     We offer sponsorship opportunities for a wide variety of events, programs and activities.   Download our 2024 Partnership Opportunities Program here.


Q.     Do I have to be a member of the Chamber to attend events and programs?
A.      Some of our events are exclusive to Chamber members; however the majority of events and meetings we host are open to anyone who wants to attend.  If there is a fee to attend the Member price is lower than the non-member price.  If there is a specific event or activity you’re interested in attending, please contact us for further information.


Q.     Can the Chamber provide me with a list of all the businesses in Muskogee?
A.     We do not keep a list of every business in Muskogee.  We do have a list of businesses that are Chamber Members.  Member listings are provided free to the public by visiting the Membership Directory link on our web site.  Chamber Members may purchase mailing labels for each of our member businesses.


Have more questions?  Please call or email us.


Government Relations

The Chamber provides opportunities for members to become informed on legislative issues and proactively supports Muskogee and its business community with the appropriate government entities.


Paul Revere Legislative Affairs

We sponsor local public forums and town hall meetings and serve as the catalyst for proactive community partnerships on matters affecting public policy. The Chamber also monitors state and federal legislative activities on behalf of small business.


State of the City Address

The Chamber coordinates the annual luncheon held in September, featuring the State of the City Address from the Mayor of Muskogee.


Military Affairs Task Force

We have purposed to build relationships between the community and nearby Camp Gruber. The task force realizes that communication is the key to continued growth and support for Camp Gruber and the large economic impact the base has on the surrounding communities, especially Muskogee and Davis Field.


State Chamber Military Affairs Committee

This committee maintains direct communication with the State Chamber of Commerce, supporting their military affairs efforts and the Oklahoma Strategic Planning Commission without duplication. The purpose is to maintain this multi-billion dollar industry in the State of Oklahoma from the US Department of Defense.


Political Forums

The Chamber provides opportunities for candidates for federal, state or local office to speak with the Chamber members regarding their ideas and plans if elected.


Prosperity Project

The Oklahoma Prosperity Project is a partnership between The State Chamber, more than 1,300 leading Oklahoma companies and nearly 100 local chambers of commerce and trade associations. The project is dedicated to helping our workforce “vote smart” on Election Day by educating them on issues that will keep our economy strong.


Oklahoma Mid-Size City Coalition

The Chamber participates in this effort to bring deserved funding for viable and important projects to their member cities through legislative action.


Washington DC Fly-in

The Muskogee Chamber of Commerce participates in meetings with officials in Washington DC about local, state and federal economic issues, organized by the State Chamber or Tulsa Regional Chamber.

Military & Veteran Banners


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The Greater Muskogee Area Chamber of Commerce Military and Veteran Banner program recognizes and honors those brave individuals who are serving, or who have served in the United States Armed Forces. The program was created to recognize and show appreciation for veterans and military personnel and their families who live or have lived, in the Muskogee area. Banners will display a photo of the service person, as well as their name, rank, and dates of service and branch of the United States Armed Forces.

The deadline to submit an application for a banner is SEPTEMBER 6, 2024.

COST – The cost of each banner is $175 for an individual banner and $350 for a corporate.

To qualify for the Military and Veteran Banner Program, the following criteria must be met:

The honoree is an active duty member of the United States Armed Forces, OR the honoree is a retired or honorably discharged member of the United States Armed Forces.

Banners will be located throughout Downtown Muskogee, then to other downtown streets as quantity necessitates. Banners will be installed and displayed approximately October 1st through November 27th.

Each banner is double-sided, full color, 18″ x 36″, and custom-made with an image of the honoree. Upon removal, the banner will be given to the honoree or applicant and eligible to re-use the following year.

For more information, please contact the Muskogee Chamber of Commerce at 918.682.2401 or email Payge@muskogeechamber.org


Move to Muskogee

Life is beautiful in Muskogee!

Muskogee is a place we are proud to call home. Whether you live, work or just play here, Muskogee is a city with a rich heritage, numerous activities, quality amenities, and a sense of pride and ownership in our city. We have an excellent system of attractive parks throughout the city, including the famous Honor Heights Park where you can enjoy 122 acres of some of the most beautiful flowers and flowering trees in the world. We have become a regional hub for higher education, medical and health services, transportation of goods and retail shopping. We love to share our rich history at our many fine museums as well as through our vibrant public art program sponsored by the Muskogee Arts Council. We’re known throughout the region for our fabulous antique shopping and our historic downtown is a delight.

Community Profile

This burly city sits at the junction of three major rivers that brought Native Americans, explorers, traders and pioneers. Today, those same groups and many others come by way of three major highways. No matter how they got here, these incredibly diverse groups come together to form the unique character of the place we know as Muskogee.

Those same highways make it easy to get around, and get outside. Those great rivers and their lakes lie just beyond the city borders in the foothills of the Ozark mountains. Boating, fishing, hiking, camping, hunting and wildlife watching are just a few of the things Muskogee residents enjoy year-round.

A strong economy and proactive business development is bringing jobs, good housing and retail business growth. Education fuels that growth with a good public school system, Indian Capital Technology Center and several higher education institutions nearby.

Muskogee is becoming known for its attractions with an eccentric twist. The Renaissance Faire in May is one of the country’s biggest. A BBQ and Chili Cook-off, a Mud Volleyball Tournament and a Cardboard Regatta are just a few of the popular annual events in the city. Honor Heights Park and the Veterans Center bring thousands of visitors every year. Residents get to enjoy it all without even having to leave home.

Muskogee is full of genuine characters who have survived some hard times. Together, they make up the rich fabric of this strong Northeast Oklahoma city.


City: 38,776

County: 68,078


Annual Average Temperature: 61

January Average Temperature: 37

July Average Temperature: 82

Annual Rainfall: 40 inches

Annual Snowfall: 7.6 inches

Average Relative Humidity: 66%


Muskogee has a Council/City Manager type of government.

There is a comprehensive city plan and zoning.

Sales Tax: 9.15 %

Full time Firefighters: 100

Fire Stations: 6

Fire Insurance Rating: 4

Law Enforcement Officers: 85

Medical Facilities

Muskogee offers many choices in medical care for the region. Saint Francis Hospital is a 320-bed, two-campus full-service health system serving a seven-county area and employing 870 people. The Jack C. Montgomery Veterans Affairs Medical Center has 50 beds, primary care providers, and outpatient services. Additionally, Muskogee offers 70 MD’s, 8 DO’s, 28 Dentists, 4 Optometrists, 3 Podiatrists, 8 Chiropractors and 4 clinics.

Saint Francis Hospital

Jack C. Montgomery, Veterans Affairs Medical Center

Public Facilities

Number of Parks: 32

Number of Tennis Courts: 13

Number of Swimming Facilities: 6

Number of Theaters: 3

Number of Public Libraries: 1


Fort Gibson Lake

Greenleaf Lake

Tenkiller Lake

Eufaula Lake

Webber’s Falls Lake

Average Hourly Wages

Warehouse/Shipping: 8.04

Custodian: 6.09

Customer Service II: 9.54

Electrician: 11.61

Secretary: 10.22

Inspector: 9.91

Machine Operator: 10.47

Computer Operator: 9.42

Residential Real Estate

Cost of Living Index: 86.6 %

The median home price in Muskogee is $85,200, while the median rent for a one bedroom apartment is $641.

Printable Copy of Program of Work

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In January 2011, the Muskogee community voted to increase the Hotel/Motel “Lodging Tax” from 3% to 8%, a vote that passed by 76%.  This tax is paid by visitors and others who stay in Muskogee lodging facilities is directed by City Ordinance to be used for Convention and Tourism in Muskogee.  See the Hotel Motel Tax Ordinance here.

In 2006, the Muskogee Chamber of Commerce applied for and received the Convention and Tourism contract from the City of Muskogee for the first time with an allocation of $208,000 for tourism services.  We have received that contract each year since, increasing from that original $208,000 budget to over a $600,000 allocation and budget.

The 2011 vote, and the collaborative work of the City of Muskogee, the Chamber of Commerce, the Tourism Committee, the local hoteliers, our current attractions and visitor sites, and the City of Muskogee Foundation, has allowed for phenomenal success and progress for Muskogee Tourism.  Strategic use of the Hotel / Motel Tax funds is imperative.  A plan that began with a Community Branding process to help identify everything Muskogee as “Real. Okie” led the efforts and success to date.  This brand has given Muskogee a cohesive look and feel, addressed and increased community pride, and gives people a reason to be proud Okies From Muskogee.

The Chamber’s Tourism efforts are led by an 11 person committee made up of appointees from the City of Muskogee, Muskogee City Council, Chamber Board leadership, the Muskogee Hotel and Lodging Association, and community stakeholders.

For more information about Tourism, and the Community Support Grant, Click Here.

To see agendas and minutes for the Tourism Committee, Click Here.

Benefits of Membership

Why should you join the Chamber?

Here are just some of the reasons why joining the Chamber can benefit you and your business:

  • We take on the tough issues that affect businesses.  Whether it is with our State legislators, our Senators and Congressmen in Washington, D.C., or working with the City and County, we are the voice for the Muskogee business community.  We help you stay informed of legislation or issues that could affect your business and the economy of Muskogee.
  • An annual Chamber membership costs less than the average one-time media buy.  We offer multiple opportunities for exposure of your business and help your advertising dollars go further.
  • Chamber membership gives you multiple and unique opportunities to make a difference in Muskogee.
  • Business training seminars and educational opportunities help any size company run a smarter, more efficient business.
  • People do business with people they know.  The Chamber helps you make connections and build relationships.


Membership Benefits & Engagement Guide – en Espanol

Chamber Member Value

2024 Member 2 Member Cards are here!

The Member-2-Member program was created to encourage Chamber Members to do business with one another, and as an exclusive benefit to only Chamber Members, by offering discounts and special exclusive promotions. Each year the M2M card is reissued with a new list of special offers.

Each Chamber Member receives one card per year, and additional cards are available for $5.00 each. You can pick up your additional cards at the Chamber office, located at 310 W. Broadway, or call 918-682-2401 to request them by mail.