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Muskogee has always been a crossroads of cultures thanks to the three rivers that converge here. What began as a trading post became a destination for Native Americans who survived the Trail of Tears. Then on Christmas Day in 1871, a General Grant steam locomotive puffed its way across the Arkansas River and Muskogee exploded.

Today, this center of trade is still full of the characters that make Muskogee an intriguing city to visit. After all, where else can you find both a castle and a submarine in the same place?

Come see for yourself,

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Real. Okie.

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What To Do?

It’s not what to do, its when to do it. Muskogee is full of things to do, from the sunny landscape of Honor Heights Park to the cool darkness of the Roxy Theater. Native American art from the likes of Willard Stone and Jerome Tiger, cardboard regattas and mud volleyball tourneys. Whether you prefer exploring… LEARN MORE

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Hidden Gems & Local Favs

Muskogee is full of hidden gems. Here are a few of the experiences you won’t want to miss.   1. Relish a Muskogee original Chet’s Hot Dog, a one-of-a-kind taste delight that has been a favorite Muskogee hangout for more than 50 years. 2. Snap a shot of Ol’ Glory still waving down at the… LEARN MORE

Interactive Map

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