Local Schools Affected by COVID-19


  • Bacone College
    • Bacone College has moved all courses online using Moodle and Zoom. Students have gone home and campus is closed – although campus police continue to work around the clock. All administration, faculty and staff are still on duty, working from home. Student Support Services continues to operate for those students needing tutoring. They have postponed the Miss Indian Bacone pageant and the Spring Pow Wow until Fall, date to be announced. To reach a Bacone College administrator or staff member, please visitwww.bacone.edu/directory to get contact information. You are also welcome to call me at 918-360-3866.
  • Connors State College
    • 1.    Transitioned all face to face courses to an alternate format
      2.    Restricted public access to campus facilities
      3.    We are still open for business and can be contacted in any of the following ways:
      a.    Go to the student resource link on the Connors website https://connorsstate.edu/covid-19-student-resources and fill out the form for the appropriate office.
      b.    I have included a list of contacts for the specific offices
      c.    Call the Connors Main number at 918-463-2931, listen to the message and then follow the prompts to connect to the desired office
      d.    In the event we cannot assist a someone remotely using one of the above methods, an appointment must be made the specific office. No one will not be allowed in        the buildings unless a prior appointment has been scheduled. Please note that buildings are closed to the general public at this time so only the student will be allowed        inside.
      4.    Starting on Monday, office hours will be from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday to Thursday until further notice.
  • Fort Gibson Public Schools
    • Fort Gibson Public Schools are very saddened that the school year is wrapping up the way it is due to the unfortunate circumstances we are facing globally.  They continue to pray for a healthy school and broader community during these uncertain times.  While saddened by the loss of opportunities such as spring events, daily “in person” interactions, and traditional end of year events/ceremonies, our staff and community are working to make the best of the situation and strive to keep contact with kids and engagement a high priority.

      Fort Gibson Public Schools has rolled out our Distance Learning Plans which can be found on our website www.fortgibsontigers.org which outlines their overarching approach to distance learning and is intended to be a fluid document that serves as a landing spot for teachers and parents.  Their office staff and hours have been reduced but we remain available 24/7 to assist with questions or concerns. The office hours are 8am -1pm  Monday -Friday Ph: 918-478-2474 or email at s_farmer@fortgibsontigers.org
  • Hilldale Public Schools
  • Indian Capital Technology
    • Is putting together a Distance Learning Guide to help students and parents to better understand the remote learning process at ICTC for the remainder of the 2019-2020 year. This Distance Learning Guide can be accessed at http://www.ictctech.com/…/spring_2020_distance_learning_gui… If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact your local ICTC campus.
      Muskogee campus: 918-687-6383
  • Muskogee Public Libary
    • The library is closed.  They can be reached through our Facebook page or by emailing us at muskogeepl@eols.org.  While they may be physically closed, they are staying busy connecting our community to digital resources. The library offers homework resources, ebooks, audiobooks, online skills courses, digital magazines, fitness videos, music downloads. If anyone needs a library card, they can just email or Facebook message us and we will get them set up.
  • Muskogee Public Schools
  • Northeastern State University
    • COVID-19 has definitely affected all three NSU campuses. All campuses are closed to the public. 80% of NSU employees are teleworking full time. At our Muskogee Campus, 90% of our employees are teleworking, and the other 10% are only going to campus for short periods of time.

      All NSU classes have transitioned to online and will continue that way through the summer session. Graduation will be virtual.

      All employees are answering phone calls and emails from home. If someone needs to reach the Muskogee Campus, they can call 918-683-0040, or they can email me willi347@nsuok.edu.



Non-profits are helping more than ever with COVID-19. See you how they have restructured their operations and how you can help.

  • CASA
    • Their office is closed and our staff is working from home. They are still working our cases and attending court hearings via zoom.  Recently started a new virtual training for people to train while at home.
    • We all need a little superhero inspiration at some point to keep us going through the toughest times. For kids who have suffered abuse or neglect, having a CASA volunteer means having a role model, a sense of consistency and normalcy, a person they can trust to keep them from falling through the cracks in the overburdened child welfare system, and so much more. Be the hero to a child in need. Be a CASA volunteer.


  • Kids Space
    • The health and safety of our children, families, staff and partners is of the utmost importance to us. To that end, we have developed a protocol outlining the measures Kids’ Space will implement to provide continuity of services to the public amid the current COVID-19 Pandemic. This protocol also outlines how Kids’ Space will execute a coordinated response with other Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) members and our community partners.

      The following protocols are subject to change as more current public health guidelines are released or as partnering agencies develop more restrictive protocols. Any incidents that fall under the purview of this policy will be monitored daily by Executive Director and Board President and revised as needed to meet the demands and impact on Kids’ Space, our partners, and the children and families we serve.

      Page 1 of 3 COVID-19 Protocol – March 2020

      1. Stop business travel.

      We have implemented a temporary policy banning travel for conferences, trainings, etc.

      2. Increased office cleaning practices

      We will disinfect all shared surfaces in our office multiple times throughout the day. We will disinfect waiting areas and service areas between each client/ family served. Waiting areas will be shut for 3 hours after use. After 3 hours they will be disinfected thoroughly.

      3. Hand Sanitizer

      It is important that everyone clean their hands at the door and at regular intervals. We will have hand sanitizer located on the table directly at the Kids’ Space entry and in all of our waiting areas.

      4. Avoid crowding

      Kids’ Space has temporarily implemented a number of policies to limit the number of people in and out of the facility. We will be open for victim service appointments only. We will use scheduling to stagger client flow. Waiting areas will be limited to one client family at a time and will be closed for a minimum of three hours and thoroughly cleaned prior to being utilized by the next client family. Alternative avenues will be available for staffing emergency cases, such as staffing by phone or video conference or small meetings limited to the parties to the case with individuals spaced six feet apart. You may make these staffing requests by email or phone and Kids’ Space will handle the scheduling. Our bi- weekly Multidisciplinary Team meeting and our Ending ACEs Parenting Class are cancelled until further notice.

      Page 2 of 3 COVID-19 Protocol – March 2020

      6. Community Partners

      We are relying on our community partners to help us in ensuring this protocol is adhered to. Please advise your clients that only the child/ children scheduled for services and one non-offending caregiver may attend service appointments. Also we know shadowing is an important part of training for new employees, but for the time being only the worker/ law enforcement assigned to the case may come for services. Clients and community partners will be asked to use hand sanitizer upon entering the building.

      7. Illness

      If you have had a fever greater than 100.4, coughing, shortness of breath, or traveled out of the state or country in the past 14 days please do not come to the center. When you are scheduling services these questions should be asked of clients as well.

  • Food Pantry
    • Food Pantry open call. If someone needs help with clothing or a box of food they can call for an appointment.
      There is a sign posted on the front door.
  • Fostering Hope
    • Right now, today, in the county of Muskogee there are over 300 foster children. These children come from dysfunctional and dangerous situations and abuse and neglect are all they know. When a foster family opens their home and takes in a child the state stipend to meet basic needs takes 2 weeks to 2 months. Foster parents step in and furnish a safe and secure environment for babies and children. These men and women offer hope and encouragement to children who have had little of either and the foster parents need help. These children literally come with a trash bag containing their belongings. (When the children are removed from their homes, it is what they can quickly stuff in a trash bag. Clothes, favorite toys, books, even treasured keepsakes are left behind-sometimes forever.) Our goal for Fostering Hope is to bridge that gap between this time. We are going to give each child their own bag full of a weeks worth of clothes, essential toiletries (appropriate for each age), new underwear and socks. With the help of the community, we want to make this a statewide mission. These previously “trash bag” children will be valued and validated. They should feel special because they are!
    • They are still open to make emergency bags for those children in need. Be sure to follow their social media to see daily updates, contests, and new needs in the community. Currently in the need of small Hope notes, which are small hand made letters to uplift the children as they enter into a new home or decorated pillowcases.
  • Muskogee Bridges Out of Poverty
    • Their office is currently closed. They are answering telephone calls & emails from home. The bridges classes are currently online through Zoom.  If you need to reach them call 918-840-5331 or email – treasure@muskogeebridges.org. 
  • Volunteers of America
    • Volunteers of America Oklahoma’s office is closed, if a client or volunteer needs to be seen it is by appointment only. The staff is currently working from home. However, mail, voicemails and emails are being checked daily. If someone needs to get in contact with us, our phone number is 918-683-1578.
  • Salvation Army
    • Did you know that The Salvation Army of Muskogee has an emergency food pantry for clients in Muskogee County? We need your help. As COVID-19 has put considerably more pressure on an already needed resource, would you consider supporting our food pantry? COVID-19 has tripled our requests in the last two weeks. For questions, please give us a call at 918-682-3384. (We are short-staffed, please leave a message. We will get back with you as quickly as we can.)
      Thank you for your support during this unprecedented time.
  • United Way
    • Lake Area United Way continues to mobilize resources to meet basic needs during this crisis in our community. Check out the COVID19 tab on www.lakeareaunitedway.org for a list of community resources and information available specific to this circumstance. With so many businesses forced to close, many people could find themselves struggling to find food or pay bills. We have set up a fund to help them in the weeks ahead. If you would like to give, visit our webpage.