Epic Cinema Muskogee

Epic Cinema Muskogee

We are striving to ensure each and every time you walk through our doors, you have the best possible Entertainment experience. We wanted to pass along a few practical details that can help make this possible as we know many of our process are new to the area.

* Ticket Purchasing: You can purchase online at our website or you are welcome to use the kiosk when you first walk in the front doors (this option is credit/debit card only) . Your third option is make your ticket purchase along with your favorite concession item at any of the concession registers.

* Redeeming Online Tickets: You can print them off at the kiosk by scanning the URL code in the confirmation email you receive after purchase. You can also print the email and scan the URL code.

Also please be aware if we are busy you do not have to stand in multiple lines. Simply go to any of the conveniently located concession registers and they can print your online tickets when you pick up your concession selection or order one of our new expanded menu items. (pizza, sandwiches, wraps, or cinnamon sticks!)

* Endless Popcorn and Drink: Once you have made your selection and purchase, you can fill your bag or tub with the perfect mix of fresh popcorn and butter! Then make your way to the drink station where you can choose between the many different Coke products or choose one of the four different flavors of our frozen drink options! I know it sounds to good to be true but that’s why our name is “Epic!”

Adult 9.00
Child 7.00
Senior 7.50
Matinee 7.50
3D up charge 2.00
(918) 608-1677